Shannon M

My daughter had so much fun, not just doing the experiments, but sharing her experience in the s’more classroom.

Shari S

The science kit was an all-in-one experience. My daughter loves sciences experiments, so once I get her going with it, she was off and running.

Faith S

The Smores Science kits are a great way for kids to dive in a little deeper on some of the concepts learned in the magazines. My daughters were able to do these experiments 100% by themselves; they enjoyed the autonomy as much as the learning.

Jennifer A

We loved these kits. My 10 and 8 year old were able to work on them together. They were simple enough for them to work through them on their own.

Stacy T

The kits are perfect for a week's worth of mini, hands-on science lessons. They are well organized and fully engaged around a single theme. The instructions are simple but complete. They are good for a range of ages, and easy to differentiate based on prior knowledge and skill level. My kids love hands-on lessons and these are perfect for them and for me! I look forward to seeing what is in store this month!

Regina O

We were THRILLED to find and participate in the inaugural SMORE Science Kit experience!! The instructions are simple enough for my 2nd grader to follow and challenging enough to hold her interest. Each kit arrived with supplies labeled with enough portions to allow for extension activities. The steps, videos and prompted questions in the google classroom brought it full circle. We are grateful to the SMORE team for pivoting quickly to make this happen for our daughter.

Grace G

I just wanted to thank you for the science kits! They have exceeded my expectations and have been so fun and informative, so nicely packaged and easy to use!!