Forensic Science Investigation for Kids

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Join forensic specialist, Scott Mark, to learn about what it means to be a forensic investigator, and learn how you can apply the science you may already know, to solve crimes. 

Scott Mark served for over 15 years as a Police Officer with the Canadian Forces Military Police and Calgary Police Service, where he developed a passion for investigation, forensics, and helping others learn about both.  Over the years, Scott has become a forensic specialist, who has created and facilitated courses relating to forensic investigation for Calgary Police Service, INTERPOL, and many other schools and organizations.  Scott's career has evolved, from practitioner to educator, and he now serves as the law enforcement instructor at Bow Valley College for the Justice Studies program, where his passion for education can be realized.  As well, in his free time, Scott aims to continue learning, and help others do the same, with his website, designed to be a free resource for anyone interested to learn more about forensics. 


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