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Learn the basics of web development with HTML. Every page on the internet has been made using this fundamental technology. You will learn how to code the basic building blocks of a webpage such as headings, paragraphs, images and more!" 

PLEASE NOTE: This will be a instructor recorded session but will be moderated live.

- I create, code, and write. ‣ Boostrapping tech ed into VR ‣ Coding Bootcamp instructor with Cultivating Coders. - Teaching 10 - 40+-year-olds how to code ‣ Previously an instructor with Sitepoint and Envato Tuts Plus ‣ Over 4,000 students taught since 2014 (online + offline) ‣ Fullstack JavaScript, game and VR dev ‣ Personal blog @ ‣ Passionate about Tech-ED and meta-learning (learning about learning and how to learn better)


3 reviews
  • Regina O - May 8, 2021:
    Great beginner class. My daughter is eager to explore and learn more
  • Rita D - May 8, 2021:
    Thank you.😁 Really liked it! It was hard to type a long sometimes. I wish could get all html codes after the class so I could keep playing with it.
  • Cindy C - May 19, 2021:
    Great class