Colorful Chemistry: Acid Base Science

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Come and join us for a colorfully fun chemistry class and learn all about acids and bases.

In this class, kids will explore everyday acids and bases using two different indicators. 

Hi! I'm Teacher Ashley, and I am from Indiana. I hold a degree in biology from Ball State University and teaching licenses from Texas and Indiana. This is my 10th year teaching science, and it has been a blast! I have been very fortunate to teach students of all ages from all over the world. I love seeing students light up as they make sense of the world around them through observation and testing, and I look forward to seeing your student in the class as we explore science together.

Colorful Chemistry: Acid Base Kit


From antacids that relieve heartburn to shampoos for squeaky clean hair; there is chemistry in action all around us. With this kit, kids experiment, explore and understand the science behind the products we use every day. Materials to do 3 experiments for a kid to do at least two times.

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