Make A Secret Message Decoder with Teacher Ashley

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Ever wondered how we see objects and their colors? In this live class, kids will be able to experiment with light and learn about sources of light, and how our eyes see color. The kids will leave the class with a basic understanding of how light behaves when it falls on an object,  what is meant by absorption and reflection. We will build our own beek-a-boo box to test out the hypothesis "we need light to see color" and also make your own awesome secret message decoder using color power!

Materials needed:

Colored beads, colored LED lights, flashlight, red cellophane paper, cardboard box, notecards, cardstock, scissors, markers and pencils. 

Hi! I'm Teacher Ashley, and I am from Indiana. I hold a degree in biology from Ball State University and teaching licenses from Texas and Indiana. This is my 10th year teaching science, and it has been a blast! I have been very fortunate to teach students of all ages from all over the world. I love seeing students light up as they make sense of the world around them through observation and testing, and I look forward to seeing your student in the class as we explore science together.

Make a secret message decoder


Ever wondered how we see objects and their colors? With this kit a kid can experiment with light and find out. Bonus: Make your own secret message decoder using color power!

Kit Includes

Free 15 mins one-on-one video consultation with a STEM expert.


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